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The Resource Site: is place to find information pertaining to the curriculum, hardware, and software we use in our district. Here you can find help, answers, and suggestions to challenges and issues you may be experiencing.

Curriculum Maps

Our curriculum maps were developed through a collaborative effort during a summer project orchestrated by our Curriculum Director. Each team carefully designed the curriculum maps below. The maps are updated often to reflect the goals and vision of the Kittery School Department.

New Technology, Tips and Suggestions

We will work hard to introduce new technology to the staff and students in Kittery. Below you will find video based tips and suggestions to increase your skill in areas which you use everyday . Check below to explore this helpful information.

Applications, Hardware, etc....

Curriculum Maps

Our Schools

Our passion is to cultivate, grow, and and produce a strong connection between curriculum and technology. We strive to bring the best and most useful technology to our schools.

The schools in the town of Kittery, Maine.

Central Office.....We are the administrative offices and are passionate about education and what we do, and how we do it. Based on Rogers Kittery, ME. We believe that creativity blended with technology is the key to unlocking ideas and delivering results.


R.W. Traip Academy......We are a cutting edge high school based on Williams Ave in Kittery, ME. We strive to supply our students and teachers with the best technology.
Our curriculum is designed through a collaboration effort, focused on keeping us competitive into the 21 Century.
We believe that great curriculum blended with technology is the key to keeping our students well prepared to achieve greatness into the future.



Shapleigh School.....

We are a grade 4-8 technology driven school based on Stevenson Rd. We are passionate about how we marry curriculum and technology to bring the best educational experience to our students.




Horace Mitchell School.....

We are a grade K-3 school based on School Rd.We are eager to deliver new and exciting technology into the hands of our eager teachers. In return teachers deliver effective cutting edge solutions to their students.


Curriculum and Instruction

Our Belief...

Integration is incorporating technology in a manner that enhances student learning. Technology integration is having the curriculum drive technology usage, not having technology drive the curriculum. Technology integration is using computers effectively and efficiently in the general content areas to allow students to learn how to apply computer skills in meaningful ways.
Integration is about using technology for learning. It is not substituting 30 minutes of reading for 30 minutes of computer skills. Integration is not providing software applications without a purpose. To integrate technology into education implies that schooling will change, and as a result, it will improve.

It is our belief technology and instruction should work together to make a successful program for all students. Educational technology has been found to have positive effects on student attitudes toward learning and on student self-concept. Students felt more successful in school, were more motivated to learn and had increased self-confidence and self-esteem when using computer-based instruction

and Practice....

In our "constructivist" classrooms, students are more actively involved than in a traditional classroom. In our constructivist classroom students are sharing ideas, asking questions, discussing concepts, and revising their ideas and misconceptions to make learning more meaningful. The constructivist-learning model emphasizes the creation of active learning environments—environments that permit critical thinking, discovery, and collaboration. Evidence suggests that success is not solely the result of effective technologies; rather, success may be partly dependent on teachers using a constructivist-learning model.

2. Students and the tools

Students must use the tools. Effective integration of technology is achieved when students are able to select technology tools to help them obtain information in a timely manner, analyze and synthesize the information, and to present it professionally. Our technology-rich environment offers students the opportunity to become active participants in the learning process.


Problem Based Learning

A natural blend with technology is problem-based learning. Problem-based learning is learning organized around the investigation and resolution of an authentic problem. Technology is critical to such problem solving as a tool for locating and organizing information, a means of delivering a problem, and a means for presenting a solution.

Our Classrooms

Our model classroom is one that is using technology in ways that support the curriculum standards identified by professional societies that call for problem solving, communication, reasoning, and establishing connections among major curriculum areas.

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